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 Marketplace Leadership Luncheon (MLL) - Empowering the Business Community
Area-Wide Marketplace Leadership Luncheon - Details and Information
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Marketplace Leadership Luncheon (MLL)

The Area-Wide Marketplace Leadership Luncheon (MLL) is a unique time of encouragement and specific focus, including consideration of greater purpose and unique opportunity in the workplace. It is hosted by businessmen and women for businessmen and women. Please consider joining us for this special time!

Area-Wide Marketplace Leadership Luncheon

 Time: 11:30am-12:30pm
 Date: Thursdays Weekly

Huntsville Country Club, 2601 Oakwood Ave, Hsv, AL 35810 (Map)

Additional Information:

  • Meeting will conclude promptly within an hour.
  • Lunch will be served, cost $15 (includes gratuity)
  • Please RSVP (by Monday, if possible) in weeks you are able to attend to help ensure adequate seating and food preparation!
  • This will be a special luncheon occurring weekly as a gift to the Marketplace and Business community (no cost other than your lunch).

    Luncheon Host Location:

    Please note the MLL host location is the Huntsville Country Club, which hosts our Thursday luncheons with a rotating menu (Chef's choice).

  •  Marketplace Leadership Luncheon (MLL) - Empowering the Business Community

    Our hope is these luncheons may serve to inspire, encourage, and bless you in a very unique way as you serve in the Marketplace and Business Community of Greater Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley!